Artivive‘s advent calendar

Dive into the festive spirit with Artivive’s enchanting Advent Calendar! 🎁

Throughout the magical month of December, we’re delighted to bring you 31 days of joyous surprises. ✨ Each day, unlock a new digital treasure that awaits behind the virtual door, designed to spark creativity and celebrate the spirit of art.

You will be able to click on each present on the date it represents and get the chance to claim your prize!

Join us on this merry journey, as we count down to the holidays with Artivive and spread the joy of artistic innovation. Happy Holidays from the Artivive family! 🎄

Advent Calendar

December 2nd
December 30th
December 15th
December 25th
December 3rd
December 24th
December 12th
December 7th
December 26th
December 19th
December 9th
December 28th
December 11th
December 31st
December 16th
December 6th
December 13th
December 22nd
December 10th
December 20th
December 29th
December 1st
December 21st
December 4th
December 23rd
December 17th
December 27th
December 18th
December 14th
December 5th
December 8th
Happy new year!

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