Artivive Advisory Board

We’re so excited to launch our Artivive Advisory Board!
The main goal of this program is to connect and empower our global community, to transform how art is created and consumed.
Our advisory board consists of a group of front leaders in their fields, but most importantly,  of talented people committed to shaping the art form of the 21st century.

Our members have a collaborative mindset and a shared mission to support our creative community, and
inspire us to take on new challenges.
They play a key part in providing strategic expertise and guidance for our users’ needs, to help us continue being the leading AR art platform.

Meet our members

Kay Vasey

Is the Founder of The MeshMinds Foundation, a registered not-for-profit arts organization that empowers artists in the Asia-Pacific region focusing on sustainable development.

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Reanne Leuning

Is responsible for the internationalization programs for the Austrian Creative Industries at Advantage Austria, the Austrian trade promotion and innovation agency.

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Calvin Williams

Is a Cultural Strategist and Impact Producer with over 15 years of social impact experience working in philanthropy, campaigns, and frontline social justice organizations.

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Karen Darricades

Is a multidisciplinary artist and media educator, founding artistic director at Never Gallery Ready, head of Arts & Culture at Creative Commons Canada, and host of the #WeMakeMedia podcast.

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Cynthia Allen

Is a professor at NYU University in new media art and an experienced film producer, festival director, and cultural writer. She has worked as Program Director of NYU’s Center for Advanced Technology.

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