How to Create Virtual Events & Exhibits in the Metaverse Workshop

With Alissa Christine
DEC 13, 2023, 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm CET
Online Event
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How to Create Virtual Events & Exhibits in the Metaverse Workshop

In recent years, virtual events have gained immense popularity. Through this workshop you will discover how to showcase your work, produce engaging events, and connect with a global audience through this immersive platform.

By the end of the course, participants will:

  •  Understand the concept of the metaverse and its potential for Web3 opportunities
  • Have an understanding of Web3 technologies in the metaverse, including blockchain, NFTs, and more
  • Be able to create in the metaverse using various tools and platforms
  • Gain some insight of the cultural, business, career, and investment opportunities available in the Metaverse


This workshop is perfect for:

  • Artists and designers looking to showcase their work in an immersive online environment
  • Curators seeking new ways to engage with audiences and host virtual events
  • Professionals in the creative arts and cultural industries looking to stay ahead of the curve and incorporate Web3 technologies into their work
  • Anyone interested in the latest trends in virtual spaces and the Metaverse, regardless of their level of experience or expertise


Why create a Metaverse?

Launching a Metaverse provides creatives with a range of benefits, from reaching a global audience and hosting immersive experiences to supporting digital ownership and authenticity, reducing environmental impact, and staying at the forefront of innovation. It is an essential part of future-proofing creations in a Web3 world, and ensuring that these industries can continue to thrive in the digital age.


Workshop Topics: 

  • Understand the concept of Metaverse as Extended Reality
  • AR art implementation
  • Introduction of platforms and tools
  • Overview of Metaverse event production
  • Overview of Avatars & Wearables
  • Blockchain, Social Tokens & NFTs
  • Opportunities & Monetization
  • Owning land in the Metaverse
  • Token Gating
  • Community Building
  • Incentives, Gamification and Rewards
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the Metaverse
  • Benefits and challenges
  • Examining the use of 3D software, animation, and interactive elements
  • Discussing the relevance of storytelling and theme development
  • Outline a concept for your Metaverse
  • Examining the impact of virtual exhibits on audiences and communities
  • Metaverse Tours


*All ticket holders will receive the workshop recording! 


Alissa Christine

Alissa Christine

Alissa Christine is a multidimensional, multisensory, high vibration, visionary, virtual reality, Healing Artist, Photographer, XR Experience Performer/Designer, Author and Crypto Curator. She is blending the boundaries of art, wellness and technology with her pioneering 3D light sculpture paintings to be explored in XR. Her manifestations focus on positive change by inspiring inner growth, spirituality, and sustainability with love.



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