Water Touch

Artivist, 2022

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In this illustration, I have tried to depict the connection between people and their general need for clean drinking water.

The illustration shows two hands, one of which is on top and symbolizes a person who can share water with another person (the hand at the bottom) who needs it. The drop of water in the illustration contains a sprout in which I wanted to invest the idea of life as such, since for many in need, clean water is an opportunity to survive. I think many of us were lucky enough to be born and live in places where the problem of lack of clean water is not acute. We have permanent access to it or the ability and means to acquire it at any time.

At the same time, there are still places and people who are deprived of this usual privilege for us and are in dire need of it. Each of us can help, each of us can make a small contribution to solving this problem. Every drop of help from us brings hope and life to the places where they are most needed.


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