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Artivive NFT FAQ

Why launch a NFT collection?

Our vision has always been to change how art is created and consumed, while building a community around augmented reality art and the Artivive ecosystem.
Entering the NFT landscape is the next natural step for Artivive. We plan to sustainably grow with the creators, users, and the community we are already fostering.

Why the Solana Blockchain?

Solana is a high-performance layer-1 blockchain with incredibly low fees, and lightning-fast transactions. Solana aims to become an energy-efficient global network, scaling throughput beyond what is typically achieved by other blockchains.

Being a permissionless, open source network, with a welcoming community, and an architecture that is facilitating smart contracts and decentralized application creation; all while keeping low costs, led Artivive to choose Solana as its home in the NFT landscape.

What’s the supply?

4 batches totaling 2,000 exclusive Artivive AR NFTs (500 NFTs per batch)

What’s the benefit of holding an NFT?

On top of owning an incredible piece of art (and history), holders will get:

Holders of 1 NFTs
  • Free download of the high-resolution Artwork
    You will be able to print and enjoy your NFT Artwork however you wish to do so
  • Access to the third-largest Augmented Reality Community in the world
    Via our exclusive Discord Channel & online Events
  • Surprise rewards (i.e.: discount for printed artworks & workshops)
Holders of 3 NFTs
  • in addition to Holders of 1NFT
  • Your free artwork printed in high quality from the Artivive Shop
  • Early access to all Artivive NFT collections – potentially auto-WL
  • Access to limited workshops, events & exhibitions
Holders of 5 NFTs
  • in addition to Holders of 3NFTs
  • Free access to all events, workshops and exhibitions
  • Private showings (before the release) of upcoming art collections with the artists
  • Exclusive content from the artist (explaining influences, process, behind-the-scenes, etc.)
  • Full & Free Access to all of Artivive’s Creator Tools
    Creator your own AR Artwork with the Artivive
  • VIP access to whitelists and auctions
Holder of >5 NFTs
  • in addition to Holders of 5NFTs
  • Exclusive private calls/meetings with the NFT Artists
  • More TBA