Taking place through the winter season, The Junction 2nd Annual Window Wonderland, will transform the Junction neighbourhood into an outdoor gallery that is interactive, engaging, and magical. The exhibition will use local and international artists and augmented reality to create an impressive display of public art.

This call is for animation artists. Animators will be paired with a mural artist and a small business to transform a window in the Junction neighbourhood of Toronto, Canada into a multi-media visual installation. The use of augmented reality will allow the animation to be overlaid on top of the window painting. The two mediums will be superimposed to create the interactive piece.

The general concept of the augmented reality (AR) mural will be a joint effort by the mural artist, the animator, and the business owner. The animator will have creative freedom to design the animation based on the mural artwork, with final approval by The Junction BIA.

THIS IS NOT A CALL FOR MURAL ARTISTS. Toronto mural artists must apply through the The Junction BIA Call for Artists. Artists looking to apply for both positions must complete both applications separately.

  • The final selection of animators will be chosen by The Junction BIA, based on experience and aesthetics.
  • All selected participating artists will receive a complimentary virtual workshop by Artivive. The workshop will teach participants about augmented reality and provide tutorials to help users create AR art using their tools.
  • All-inclusive animation artist fees will be $750 (Canadian dollars). These fees cover the cost for creating a 15 to 20-second long animation with sound that is able to loop. Fees are paid out after the animation is completed and successfully superimposed to a window. Artists must submit an invoice for their fees.
  • Submissions open: May 28, 2021
  • Submission deadline: July 23, 2021
  • Announcement of the winners: July 30, 2021
  • Selected artists will attend a mandatory AR workshop on August 26, 2021