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Romantic Outsider Exhibtion in fAN Art Space Vienna

Take your ordinary art exhibitions to the next level and add an extended digital augmented reality layer!

Adding augmented reality to your art brings a new experience and leaves your audiences in awe.

What are you waiting for? Get started for free and start bringing your exhibitions to life!

T-Rex AR Mural by Nychos

Turn your street art into dynamic, interactive experiences that engage, educate, and connect with global audiences.

This creates a totally new kind of narrative which brings an interactive experience to the viewers and changes the way we see street art.

AR Meets Fashion

Experiment with your clothing designs and bring your fashion items to life with Artivive.

Adding augmented reality to your designs brings new forms of expression, and transforms the way we experience wearable art.


Season Preview Book by Scorpion Dagger

Bring your illustrations to life and tell your story in a more captivating and interesting way: augmented reality is the new way of storytelling!

AR in books have become a new way to experience a story and share your creations.

AR Meets Tattoos

Try giving your tattoo an unforgettable layer with adding augmented reality!

Bring your tattoos to life and give them a story to tell that will impress everyone around you!

Artworks from our community


Lucia Diaz

Lucia Diaz, also known as fearlessyaya, is determined to create a space for Latinas in the history books. The Colombian-American Illustrator proudly uses her heritage to illustrate Latinas, and brings her artworks to life with Augmented Reality.
From the late musician Selena Quintanilla Pérez to Spanish Singer Rosalía, Diaz has illustrated them all.

We talked with the Artist about how she began illustrating, her motivation for her artwork, and future projects like a unique NFT collection using Artivive!

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Artivive In 60 Seconds

Artivive is an easy to use augmented reality tool for art. This new technology allows artists to create new dimensions of art by linking classical with digital art. This new world of possibilities can be unlocked by any smartphone or tablet and offer an extended emotional experience.

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