Imagine receiving a postcard. You smile, wondering who it could be from. You turn it over and see “Scan with the Artivive app.” Intrigued, you download the app and scan the card, and suddenly, there’s an additional layer to the card that enhances the message or experience of receiving a postcard. That’s the magic of an Artivive postcard and there’s so much more to it. Over the years, we’ve collaborated with various organizations and individuals who’ve used these cards for storytelling, expressing gratitude to their employees, or simply as a thoughtful gesture.

AR postcards for storytelling

In celebration of Timișoara being named the European Capital of Culture in 2023, Artivive collaborated with international animators to animate the stunning illustrations of the Romanian artist Dan Ungureanu. These illustrations, which capture the city’s architectural heritage, have been transformed into AR posters and postcards.

These AR postcards not only show the beauty of Timișoara but also get people excited about how augmented reality can be used in art, culture, and stories. They could bring a story to life, making the experience more engaging in museums, galleries, or cultural events to provide an extra experience to visitors.

Show appreciation with a personalised postcard

Imagine using these AR postcards for your business. They could be a unique promotional tool or a novel way to express gratitude to your clients or employees. For example, during the holiday season, instead of sending out the usual corporate postcards, why not surprise your clients or employees with these magical AR postcards? They’re not just a creative way to spread holiday cheer, but also an engaging way to strengthen your relationship with your employees and business clients.

Inspired by the desire to connect with each employee in Austria, DHL introduced augmented reality (AR) postcards. These were designed and animated by the talented Alireza Mokarram. The reactions were amazing. DHL’s postcard project, called “cool” and “innovative,” reached all 650 employees in Austria, and sparked a lot of interaction and appreciation.

“Augmented reality is a way to see the world through another perspective – something we want our employees to explore.” Amira Badi, DHL Express Austria

Seasonal postcards

Instead of the traditional method, try adding an extra touch to your holiday greetings by giving these Christmas cards that come to life when scanned with the Artivive app.

These cards are not just a novel way to send your festive wishes, but also a unique way to engage the receiver. Imagine the surprise and delight as the holiday images come to life, adding a touch of magic to their day. Whether you’re sending these cards to clients as a creative promotional tool, or to loved ones for a special festive surprise, these AR cards will surely make your message stand out.

Other examples

Why should you only give Artivive postcards for special occasions? Why not make every occasion special?

This is the power of AR postcards. They can transform an ordinary moment into something unexpected and delightful. With Artivive’s AR layer, the postcard is no longer just a piece of paper, but a piece of art that can stir emotions and create lasting memories. It’s not just about augmenting the physical postcard, but rather, bringing a whole new dimension to the experience of giving and receiving postcards.

In conclusion, AR postcards are not just a novel way to send messages or express feelings, but also a powerful tool that can be used in various contexts to engage, inspire, and wow people. So why not try using AR postcards and see the magic it brings?