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The GerillAR art project is redefining the concept of a poster by using modern technology (AR). The idea behind the project is based on how people use and appreciate advertising spaces today. With the devaluation of poster art in our modern world, art posters no longer have a place in the city. What else could be used for the surface that contains the content of the poster? Why not use it to turn the streets of the city into an exhibition which is accessible to anyone quickly and easily? All the posters were inspired by the city of Budapest. After the viewer scans the posters, together with the artist, he/she can see a new built or organic environment in Budapest’s history, or even site-specific characteristics.

Artworks: 20
Format: A1 or larger
Curated by: Compact Graphic Design Studio
Featured Artists: Animall, Máté Barkóczi, Eszter Szőcs & Kriszti Szepes, Zsófia Láposi, Péter Morvai, Omekru, Nikoletta Mihalik, Renáta Szabó, Atos Bencsik, Rita Vándor, Gábor Mészáros, Gita Elek, Attila Varga, Dávid Pusztai, Dóra Venekei, Kinga Czuczor, Studio Oneperone, Ockto Studio, Kata Kertész, Máté Fillér


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