In the ever-evolving landscape of interior design, hotels continually strive to differentiate themselves, seeking innovative approaches to captivate guests and leave lasting impressions. Flemings Selection Hotel Wien-City has distinguished itself by seamlessly integrating augmented reality into its design ethos. Collaborating with the incredible artist Christopher Jeauhn Bayne, renowned for his captivating work within the Artivive community, Flemings Hotel embarked on a transformative journey to infuse their spaces with a touch of digital enchantment.



Christopher Jeauhn Bayne is a versatile artist and a member of the Artivive community almost from its beginnings. His artistic journey began with textile design in his native city of Cape Town, South Africa, and later branched out to acrylic painting and mixed-media design. Transitioning from traditional mediums to the realm of digital art back in 2015, Christopher’s creations evoke a sense of wonder, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of discovery. He first started using Artivive to bring his artworks to life, but quickly got the idea to connect augmented reality and interior design – some of his repertoire are AR chairs, pillows, and wallpapers, and this is how the collaboration with Flemings Selection Hotel Wien-City was born.



The process of including augmented reality art in Flemings Selection Hotel Wien-City started with a single artwork but soon grew to multiple artworks, a chair, pillows, and a gorgeous AR wallpaper spanning over 6,5 in width and 2,5 meters in height. Christopher described the process of crafting the wallpaper as a unique challenge in his career but found the result very rewarding. 

Due to its size is it almost impossible to scan the wallpaper as a whole with the Artivive App which gave Christopher the idea of creating seven trigger points, which come to life when scanned. The trigger points are smartly placed on different heights and sides of the wallpaper, which not only gives the viewer a fun experience when looking for them but also makes them more accessible for all generations. When it comes to the motives, you can find incredible scenes from nature and the animal kingdom, as well as historical and magical creatures – as seen in Christopher Bayne‘s series “Botanicals” that he created during the times of pandemic.



As heard from Nicole Ross, assistant general manager at Flemings Selection Hotel Wien-City the augmented reality art was very warmly received by their guests. She remembers a heartwarming reaction from a little girl who was completely fascinated by the moving images and she enjoyed exploring the artwork thoroughly. Another story she shared with us involved a senior couple who showed a lot of interest and spent a full fifteen minutes exploring all the animations, which truly proves that augmented reality art is meant for all generations to enjoy.

Augmented reality and interior design, when combined, provide a fun, entertaining, and inspiring experience for all. At Artivive we are looking forward to further exploring this connection and sharing more stories with you all.



Find out more about Christopher Jeauhn Bayne‘s work by following him on Instagram or visiting his website. If you would like to purchase one of Christopher‘s stunning AR artworks visit his profile on Artivive‘s Shop.

You can have a wonderful stay or enjoy an amazing meal surrounded by incredible AR art at the Flemings Selection Hotel Wien-City, Josefstädter Straße 10-12, 1080 Vienna.