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Austria & Canada: a unique bond

Artivive, the Embassy of Austria in Canada, and the Embassy of Canada in Austria invite you to be part of the 70th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Austria and Canada. We wish to highlight the various possibilities of what these relations can mean for both countries on this occasion that will be celebrated during 2022.

This open call invites all artists/creators to bring to life artworks that reflect personal experiences, emotional ties, or distinct perspectives related to one or both countries, as well as similarities between the two countries  (social issues, minority groups, culture clash, language-related topics, nature/environment, etc.).

Artworks: 10
Year: 2021
Winning projects: the ten winning artists will have the opportunity to show their animated artworks at exhibitions that will take place in Austria and Canada in 2022.

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The past months have shown us how rapidly our daily lives can change. With environmental disasters, social outrages, and the global pandemic, we became aware of our responsibility to take action for building a better future. And to do this, we need to find the strength and capacity to BREATHE so that we can overcome limitations and use our full potential.

Artivive and artèQ are inviting you to be part of the first artists to be featured on the NFT auction house Ten artworks will be selected and sold at the official artèQ opening auction in October. They should showcase the important role of breath in our daily life and how it transforms challenges into opportunities.

Artworks: 10
Year: 2021
Winning projects will be offered as a framed high-quality digital print in just one edition. By participating in this open call you get to join a vibrant and growing community of art lovers and crypto enthusiasts.

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BREATHE Artivive x artèQ

Window Wonderland

Taking place through the winter season, The Junction 2nd Annual Window Wonderland, will transform the Junction neighbourhood into an outdoor gallery that is interactive, engaging, and magical. The exhibition will use local and international artists and augmented reality to create an impressive display of public art. The use of augmented reality will allow the animation to be overlaid on top of the window painting. The two mediums will be superimposed to create the interactive piece.

The general concept of the augmented reality (AR) mural will be a joint effort by the mural artist, the animator, and the business owner. The animator will have creative freedom to design the animation based on the mural artwork, with final approval by The Junction BIA.

Artworks: 10+
Year: 2021
Winners will be paired with a mural artist and a small business to transform a window in the Junction neighbourhood of Toronto, Canada into a multi-media visual installation.

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Visualizing Bias With Augmented Reality

Goethe-InstitutGray AreaFotomuseum Winterthur, and Artivive have launched an open call for artists, designers, and the general public to submit creative representations on the subject of bias through technology. These should articulate our ongoing concerns with technology’s growing ability to alter people’s visual perception of reality.

The open call is part of the project “Image + Bias” that critically engages with the cultural realities being increasingly determined by imperceptible technologies that show no sign of reducing their propagation of digitally twisted, fictional, and discriminatory representations.

Artworks: 10+
Year: 2021
Winning Projects: will be displayed in an interactive online gallery and at the Goethe-Institut, Gray Area, and the Fotomuseum Winterthur.

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Augmented Reality Pace Poster Design Competition

The United Nations is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. To mark this special occasion, the UN Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs (DPPA) and Artivive are launching a call for artists to create posters about peacemaking and peacebuilding, which also utilize augmented reality technology.

The leading themes are “Futuring Peace”, “Bringing together those who have been fighting,” and “Creating a bridge across peoples in conflict zones”. Artists are invited to interpret and present their own vision of what peace means, based on the history of the UN’s actions.

Artworks: 10
Year: 2020
Exhibition in: UN Headquarters in New York

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Famous Artworks Augmented

The Museums from Paris gave full access to over 150,000 artworks for the world to use for free. We want to take this opportunity and make something amazing together.

Have you ever dreamed of being part of an art revolution? Together, we can change the way art is created and consumed. We’re organizing an open call to bring these masterpieces into augmented reality.

Artworks: 12
Year: 2020
Exhibition in: Vienna (AT), Paris (FR)

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The GerillAR art project is redefining the concept of a poster by using modern technology (AR). The idea behind the project is based on how people use and appreciate advertising spaces today. With the devaluation of poster art in our modern world, art posters no longer have a place in the city. What else could be used for the surface that contains the content of the poster? Why not use it to turn the streets of the city into an exhibition which is accessible to anyone quickly and easily? All the posters were inspired by the city of Budapest. After the viewer scans the posters, together with the artist, he/she can see a new built or organic environment in Budapest’s history, or even site-specific characteristics.

Artworks: 20
Curated by: Compact Graphic Design Studio
Year: 2019
Exhibited in: Budapest (HU)

A New Poster Movement

Animated posters create a new narrative space: typography and images break their bidimensional boundaries and start moving in the space of the viewer. The AR tool Artivive allows creatives to include a digital layer of animations and sound to their poster design. The original haptics of the poster design stays untouched while the digital layer can be unlocked only through a smartphone and tablet. Posters become a medium for performative art. Advertisements become an artwork, a performance to be experienced.

Artworks: 12
Curated by: Improper Walls Gallery x Artivive
Year: 2019
Exhibited in: Vienna (AT), Abu Dhabi (AE), Seoul (SK),
Vilnius (LT), San Francisco (US)

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How do AR, VR, and MR collide with our RR (Real Reality)? The group art exhibition REALITIES asked artists to reflect on our perception of reality; how the attributes, feelings, and knowledge taken from “this” reality to “another” transform, modify, or stay the same. What happens if we merge realities and they overlap? This open call invites artists to touch on the topics of: love, humanism, the digital world, video games, country, Vienna, specific location, etc.

Artworks: 20
Curated by: Improper Walls Gallery x Oxymoron Gallery x Artivive
Year: 2020
Exhibited in: Vienna (AT), Bangkok (TH), Sofia (BG),
Bucharest (RO), Chengdu (CN)

tiny ARt

The “tiny ARt” exhibition curated by Artivive and at Improper Walls features a range of artworks that in real life are no bigger than a business card. The augmented reality layer will enhance the artworks in the digital dimension to reveal what art in AR has to offer.

Artworks: 31
Curated by: Improper Walls Gallery
Year: 2017
Exhibited in: Vienna (AT), Tel Aviv (IL), Vilnius (LT)