Our Offers for Businesses

Commissioned Artworks
From €1000 for 2D artwork From €3000 for 3D artwork
Interested in commissioning artwork from our 200K+ artists? Prices vary based on animation complexity.
Open Calls
From €5000 (excluding artists’ prizes)
Partner with Artivive to get access to our community of 200K+ artists and organize an open call for you next big event or exhibition.
Selfie Wall
From €4000
Provide a unique and fun experience for your visitors through our interactive selfie walls.
Rent an exhibition
From €2500/month
These exhibitions have been designed by international curators are all now available to rent for your office / shopping mall / event space.

License Pricing

Business Subscription
€99.90/month or €999.90/year
With our Business subscription, you will get our 24/7 technical support, access to statistics of your artworks, & premium promotion.
Custom Account
Depends on the views
Do you have a special project in mind or 10.000 views are not enough? Get a custom account!
Buyout for Unlimited Views
If you need unlimited views forever for one of your projects, you can purchase our buyout.

Art Consultancy Packages

30 Minutes
Includes 30 minutes of art consultancy / project management for your project.
1 Hour
Includes 1 hour of art consultancy / project management for your project.
5 Hours
 559,00 17% discount
Includes 5 hours of art consultancy / project management for your project.
10 Hours
 999,00 23% discount
Includes 10 hours of art consultancy / project management for your project.

Art Consultancy Packages contain expert consulting regarding AR content, support for creating concepts for AR campaigns, support for curating exhibitions and technical support, administrative work such as transferal of artworks (from one account to another), uploading content in different languages, finding duplicate artworks.
The package is valid until the included time is consumed. If you are not sure about the duration needed for the consulting we recommend you to contact Artivive and we will be happy to give you an estimated time range for the needed services.


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