Want to use Augmented Reality for your art?


Did you know that 68% of people would want to buy an art piece that has Augmented Reality features? Artivive offers you the easiest way to use Augmented Reality for your art.

• Join 2.500+ artists who started using Artivive
• Add a new layer to your artwork – time
• Create a time-lapse, an illustration, a story
• No technical knowledge needed

We offer a limited number of free accounts to visual artists until 31th of October 2018.

• Register for a free account now
• Receive a login to Bridge by Artivive
• Link your artwork with a video in 2 minutes
• Scan your artwork with the app and the video will be played 

We have been creating digital art for over three decades. With Artivive, we recently found a perfect tool to add another dimension to our work.

Station Rose, Digital artists

It’s amazing how easy it works.

Stella Rollig, Director, Belvedere Vienna

Artivive will replace the audioguides.

Prof. Dr. Klaus Albrecht Schröder, Director, Albertina Vienna

As an artist I work at the interface between the still and the moving image. Artivive perfectly translates this combination of media and brings my art to full expression.

Sissa Micheli, Visual artist & photographer

Artivive is an amazing possibility for artists to combine more than one representational level and a completely new way of integrating media art in the collections of our customers.

Ulla Bartel, Co-founder ARCC.art

Finally, I found the right tool to express my art, which is a mix of digital and analog art.

Litto Daniela, New media artist

As a painter and experimental video artist, I found Artivive the perfect tool where my analog and digital work are blending!

Maria Chalela-Puccini, Visual artist