Sustainable Singapore

In a triumph of creativity and innovation over environmental adversity, 20 Singaporean artists were brought together by The MeshMinds Foundation to share their visions for the sustainable development of people and our planet through a unique online only exhibition. Featuring original artworks with the theme of ‘Sustainable Singapore’ and the Sustainable Development Goals, the exhibition was the first-of-its-kind with artworks being produced with the help of Procreate and other digital tools.

Each artist used AR app Artivive to apply layers of animated storytelling to static artworks in order to draw attention to various environmental issues affecting Singapore and the world at large. Ranging from quick loops to complex narrative stories, each piece delivers a thought-provoking message on a diverse range of environmental themes and issues.

Artworks: 10
Format: A3
Featured Artists: Andy Yang, Jayne Ong, Wolfsloth, Mithra, Ella Zheng, Araikreva, Alfonsus Wong, EBAO, Darel Seow, M.Y.L.


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