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Through the Portal

The artworks in this exhibition are representations of portals, worlds on the other side of these portals and the journey in between. Some artworks are inspired by John Tenniel’s illustrations of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. ‘The Lost Girl and The Helium Dog’ follows the idea of Alice in an alternate universe. Inspiration also came from daily sketches, Eadweard Muybridge’s walking man photographs and my idea of what one would find or become when reaching a world on the other side. Enjoy the journey with an added augmented reality experience with the Artivive App. Each interactive artwork has been animated in a 2D cut-out and frame by frame style. With the Artivive App, by holding your smartphone or tablet in front of each artwork you will be able to experience the added animated digital element.

Artworks: 15
Format: Two Print Formats: 1 – 210x148mm, 297x210mm, 420x297mm, 594x420mm, 841x594mm, 1000x706mm 2 – Format for ‘Follow the White Rabbit’ – 210x210mm, 300x300mm, 420x420mm, 594x594mm, 800x800mm.
Featured Artist: Benjamin Mitchley


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