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Walkie Talkie


Animated posters create a new narrative space: typography and images break their bidimensional boundaries and start moving in the space of the viewer. The AR tool Artivive allows creatives to include a digital layer of animations and sound to their poster design. The original haptics of the poster design stays untouched while the digital layer can be unlocked only through a smartphone or tablet. Posters become a medium for performative art. Advertisements become an artwork, a performance to be experienced.

Artworks: 12
Format: A1 Posters
Curated by: Improper Walls Gallery x Artivive
Featured artists: Aljoscha Höhborn, Alona Vinç, Anna Froese, Asta Cink, Balázs Pusztai, Herwig Scherabon, Katja Protchenko, Lucas Hesse, Marian Fitz, Mario Naegele, Hans Findling, Christian Hohloch, Simon Kubik, imam m ridwan


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