Visit the charming “TOP 02 Patisserie Glacerie” in the heart of Vienna, where the love for art and éclairs go hand in hand with us – this is represented in a beautiful mural brought to life with the Artivive App. As you step into the shop, you are welcomed by the sweet aroma of baking pastry and the sight of a beautiful mural covering a big wall in the form of wallpaper. This combination of traditional patisserie craft with modern AR technology creates a truly unique experience. Everywhere you look, you discover a new piece of art.


Leading this creative journey are Levente Zöld, a talented muralist behind captivating augmented reality artworks, and Alexandru Top, a Romanian-born entrepreneur with a passion for éclairs and a deep-rooted connection to technology. With a background in UI/UX design, Alexandru infuses his creations with visually pleasing aesthetics, enriching the experience at “TOP 02”

Alexandru’s connection to éclairs is not just business-related; his story leads back to his grandmother, who would bake and teach locals baking in the countryside of Romania. People from her village would bring her ingredients, and she would make her delicious éclairs in exchange. This tradition was passed down through generations, starting with Alexandru’s parents, who established the first pastry shop in their hometown. Years later, this legacy culminated in the establishment of “TOP 02 Patisserie Glacerie” in Vienna (June 2023), where Alexandru and his wife Laura continue the family tradition as third-generation owners.

With a wish to tell the story creatively, Alexandru got in touch with Levente – together they crafted this incredible mural, which enlivens the patisserie‘s atmosphere.

Levente’s concept involves creating a mural that illustrates the process of making éclairs, from mixing the ingredients to enjoying the final product. The mural shows its uniqueness when it is scanned with the Artivive App allowing visitors to dive into the world of augmented reality and éclairs. Visitors can scan the entire mural as well as discover another trigger point – one of the éclairs—that comes to life and makes the experience even more fun! This creative artwork adds life to the space and makes the already charming pastry shop even more magical.

With a lot of creative thinking, Alexandru and Levente dreamed up and designed every graphical element in the pastry shop. This is visible not only in the mural, which showcases the creative process of making éclairs but from bottom to top, there have been beautiful glass designs incorporated that highlight the journey of the éclairs, right up to the point they are ready to be eaten. These artworks emphasize the creator’s hand, suggesting that the éclairs are not merely food but miniature works of art.

Wandering through the patisserie and exploring the various artworks is truly an amazing experience. The éclairs are so beautifully crafted, that one would almost feel hesitant to eat them, but this is just until you take the first bite – realizing they are as delicious as they are beautiful.

This artistic collaboration between Alexandru and Levente is the perfect example of how augmented reality can amplify the storytelling aspect of art while simultaneously engaging and captivating the audience. “TOP 02” truly symbolizes innovation, where the art of making éclairs is celebrated in a visually stunning and interactive way.

You can taste a beautiful éclair surrounded by incredible AR art at “TOP 02 Patisserie Glacerie”, Universitätsstraße 2, 1090 Wien, or follow their page on Instagram.

Find out more about Levente’s work by following him on Instagram or visiting his website.