AR enables a new method of interaction between people. It is an immeasurable potential to connect and transmit knowledge, experiences, and debates

A colorful flora and fauna come to life in each of his artworks. However, they not only show the extraordinary beauty of nature but, most importantly, a vital message to convey.

The author of these lively pieces is Kambô, who defines himself as a multi-platform artist who spreads the word about biodiversity through the power of immersive technologies.

Kambô, who is also an Ambassador of Artivive, is a true believer in how augmented reality can help construct the valorization process of the Amazon, the Earth’s most extensive tropical rainforest.

Discover the vibrant art world of this talented creator now!

Please tell us how you became interested in art?

I was raised in a small amazon town called Cametá, which has a very rich artistic and cultural tradition. However, my interest in art began when I first had internet access in the 1990s. Visualizing this new world outside of what I was used to aroused this interest in me—both in art and technology.

Nature itself is a rich source of inspiration. How have immersive technologies helped you accentuate their colorfulness on your artworks?

I live in the Amazon, which is the largest tropical forest globally, a territory with a multitude of ecosystems. Living immersed in this context, the sources of inspiration are endless. And my work is based directly on all sources of life from the Amazon. From these relationships, I find thousands of possibilities for expression.

AR can be an influential tool for addressing biodiversity topics. What is the biggest asset of using it for this purpose?

With the spread of the Internet, becoming increasingly accessible even in the most remote communities, it became possible not only to receive stories from all corners of the world but also to give voice to the peoples originating in the Amazon. It is undeniable that we need to convey our messages through art. Augmented Reality is a revolutionary tool that gives the viewer the feeling of immersing themselves in the works and being able to enter art from the artist’s gaze.

On the other hand, there is a controversy about how digital art is not environmentally friendly. What do you think?

In my perspective, NFTs and digital art, in general, are intrinsic to the current moment we are living in society. Instead of wearing down thinking about how much these technologies consume energy, we should reverse this time by thinking about developing renewable energy source projects. Since the world increasingly depends on electricity, it would make more sense to invest in projects that accompany this technological development.

In the same vein, can achieve a sustainable digital future?

Absolutely! In my view, we must invest more and more in sustainable projects. 


What is the most exciting thing about bringing your creations to life with Artivive?

The most amazing thing about Artivive is the possibility of giving life to works of art, bringing movement. This technique allows us to bring endless narratives to the arts, in addition to the application being extraordinarily intuitive and democratic, allowing anyone with a smartphone to enjoy the most diverse experiences that the application provides and that any artist or communicator in any reality can express his art and convey his message through Artivive.

In the same sense, what is the added value of incorporating AR into your artistic practice?

I use augmented reality to instigate a practice I call the decolonization of the gaze. The Amazon is a complex society, with a flood of visual and aesthetic references from other countries. My work follows the opposite path. I try to look inside and create an aesthetic, creating products inspired by the rich stimuli I receive daily in my daily life living in the Amazon.

Being an ambassador of Artivive, what is the main message you want to share with the world?

Augmented reality enables a new method of interaction between people. It is an immeasurable potential to connect, transmit knowledge, experiences, and debates, spread the most diverse works, and engage thousands of visual artists worldwide.

Please give us a sneak peek of an upcoming project you are looking forward to.

One of the most important projects we are developing here is the training of indigenous and riverside communities to use augmented reality technology to overcome their own stories so that it is possible to illustrate their cultural values and local customs. We want to tell what happens in these communities to the whole world.

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