I believe NFTs have entirely rewritten the rules of the game. Digital art has wiped out what was rotten and stagnant in contemporary art

Luca Armigero – Artist from the Artivive community

It’s no longer a secret how Non-Fungible Tokens, better known as NFTs, are revolutionizing the world of digital art by giving it real value, just like physical artworks.
NFTs are not just a buzzword. They have also opened a new door to experience art, and what better than doing so hand in hand with immersive technology, such as augmented reality.

Together with artéQ and Desiderio N°1 Gallery, we are excited about having hosted our first NFT art exhibition in Vienna, Austria.
Curated by Caroline Messensee, Director of the Austrian Artcurial office, the show ‘BREATHE’ presented the winning artworks of our open call organized last October.
We brought this collaboration with artèQ to life to connect a new, vibrant, and growing community around digital art with the potential of AR technology.

Each piece was heightened with Artivive, and revealed how breathing and being centered play an essential role in transforming difficulties into opportunities in our daily lives.

Get a glimpse of the opening of ‘BREATHE’ here:

Get a one-of-a-kind artwork

The seventeen winning artworks are still available in our online auction, where the top-scoring bidder will receive the NFT purchased and a high-quality printed copy of the work to take home.

The selected artists are Bil Brown, Ahmet Rustem Ekici, Gerald Khumalo, Kostyantyn Militynskyy, HyeJoo Lee, Marcelo von Schwartz, Henrique Montanari, Karo Durojaiye, Diana Zhelnio, Mee Kyung Shin, Richard Allela, Eliška Podzimková, Ansh & Raghav Kumar, Juho Jusslin, Iván Serrano, Mayuko Kudo, and Jaqueline Vanek.


Artivive & NFTs at a glance

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