Artivive is an amazing possibility for artists to combine more than one representational level and a completely new way of integrating media art in the collections of our customers.

Ulla Bartel, Co-founder of the online gallery



Augmented reality can transform the artworks before the viewers’ eyes. This allows putting the potential of an endlessly expressive story-telling technology into the hands of galleries and their audience’s lives.

We share how AR can enhance an art collection with layers upon layers of living textures in:

  • Street galleries
  • NFT galleries
  • Virtual galleries

A great example, to begin with, is the “tiny ARt” exhibition showcased a range of artworks curated by Artivive at the Improper Walls gallery, no more extensive than a business card.

The augmented reality layer leveled up the artworks in the digital dimension, revealing what AR art can offer.


Compared to traditional exhibitions in museums, augmented reality can also #bringArtToLife to the public space through outdoor galleries.

In 2018, the Albertina Museum in Vienna, Austria turned a plain-looking construction site into a unique open gallery with interactive prints of classical modernist paintings.

Best of all: everyone could enjoy this immersive experience free of cost!


Art galleries can take their visitors’ experience and the narrative of their collections to the next level with AR combined with the latest digital art trends, such as the non-fungible tokens, better known as NFTs.

Another case is ‘BREATHE,’ our first NFT art exhibition organized with artèQ, at the DESIDERIO NO.1 GALLERY, in Vienna, Austria, in 2021.

The artworks displayed were boosted with Artivive and are currently available worldwide at this NFTs online auction house by OpenSea.

Take a look at the highlights of the opening below!


But wait: that is not all. Spectators can enjoy AR art nowadays, even in a virtual environment.

To celebrate Earth Day (April 22), we recently threw our first virtual exhibition, “Artivive X Nature: an immersive experience,” at Spatial, where the audience can see the artworks come to life into a metaverse space with lifelike avatars.

Hit this link to dive into it from wherever you are!

Virtual exhibition Artivive x Nature: an immersive experience

If you are still curious to see how the magic of AR can play into galleries, get a glimpse at this exhibition by the artist Nicole Wogg at the Burgasse 21 gallery in Vienna, Austria.

So what are you waiting for to live this digital adventure in galleries!

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