Imagine visiting the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna and going through all its marvellous masterpieces. The “Feast of the Bean King,” one of its most iconic paintings, really strikes your attention as it depicts different characters drinking, feasting and having fun. This painting celebrates the spirit of communion and celebration which is something that has belonged to all of us since the beginning of times. Yet, every person depicted in this painting is white.

This raises a lot of questions of representation or lack thereof and inclusion within art institutions and museums. And that’s exactly the narrative that Absolut Vodka, with the support of Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann (DMB.) and Artivive’s creative team, wanted to change inside of the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna.


Kristina Königseder, Julia Kosely, Leni Charles, Tyrone Egbowon, Lea Vukovics, Oliver Weiß, Belinda Küper und Pablo Moyano Reigosa (Photo: Valerie Voithofer)


KHM extended an invitation to the Viennese artist Tyrone Egbowon, with Croatian-Nigerian roots to reimagine the “Feast of the Bean King,” into a vibrant celebration of diversity, equality, and inclusivity. The revised version of Jacob Jordaens’ masterpiece features influencers from various backgrounds, championing positive societal change and solidarity. Among them are Temilolu Wah from Gold Caviar Crew, Leni Charles from Kids of the Diaspora, Elisabeth Mtasa, Bianca Rosemarie, DJ Mosaken, DaDa JV, and Godwin Merano.

By utilizing the #ArtiviveApp to scan the artwork, viewers can engage with AI animations crafted by our AI animator Diego Cataldi and immerse themselves in the experiences and inspiring messages shared by these influencers.



The objective behind this reinterpretation extends beyond artistic innovation; it aims to shed light on discrimination experiences within Vienna. Through Artivive, visitors can delve into the narratives of individuals like Leni Charles from “Kids of the Diaspora” and others depicted in the artwork. In the brief AI animation accessible with the Artivive app, these artists share their encounters with discrimination in Vienna and express hopes for a more inclusive city.

The reinterpretation of the painting serves as a poignant symbol of diversity and inclusion. It transcends mere performance art, serving as a crucial testament to the relevance of all minorities in Vienna.

Belinda Küper, from the project initiator Absolut Vodka, mentioned:

“It’s not about reinventing old art but about contributing to the recognition of Austria’s diversity within Austrian society.”

Oliver Weiß from DMB. also emphasized, “We were determined to create something that signifies a step towards greater diversity and inclusion.” 

The unveiling of ‘Feast for All’ underscores the power of collaboration, technology, and art in fostering dialogue and advancing inclusivity in our communities. 

Join us in celebrating this remarkable fusion of creativity and social advocacy by scanning the postcard below with the Artivive app, share its animation on SM and tag the influencers!



❤️ A special thanks goes out to @lenicharles from @kidsofthediaspora, @itstemibaybee from @wearegcc, @elizabethlyfe, @bianca_rosemarie, @djmosaken, @dada_jv & @godwinmerano for being part of the project and their important messages.



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