Ever thought about mixing up appreciation and cutting-edge technology? DHL, the logistics powerhouse, did just that during their special Appreciation Week. 

Picture this: a fusion of gratitude and augmented reality. Inspired by the desire to connect with each employee in Austria, DHL introduced augmented reality (AR) postcards designed and animated by the talented artist Alireza Mokarram. These postcards weren’t your ordinary ones – they came to life with captivating animations and videos when viewed through a smartphone.

“Augmented reality is a way to see the world through another perspective – something we want our employees to explore.”

Amira Badi, DHL Express Austria



DHL’s primary goal was to reach every corner of their workforce, from desk-bound employees to warehouse heroes, with an unexpected spark. Imagine receiving a postcard that isn’t just a postcard – it’s a portal to a heartfelt message from the management. The project team believed that this unique blend of visual stimuli would particularly resonate with game-loving employees, offering them an innovative and captivating experience.

The videos from management expressed gratitude all year round, while the back of the postcard nudged employees to explore DHL’s employee app. Employees became proud brand advocates, sharing their unique experience and further boosting DHL’s reputation.


Cheers and Discoveries: Employee Feedback and Success Numbers

The reactions? A chorus of “cool” and “innovative”! DHL’s postcard project reached all 650 employees across Austria, setting off waves of engagement and appreciation.

The AR postcards weren’t just about appreciation: they encapsulated DHL’s motto of “Connecting people, improving lives.” The initiative resonated with the #AsOne spirit, fostering unity and collaboration among a diverse team.


The AR postcards were a refreshing way to say “thank you” and revealed that employees thrive when their efforts are recognized in unexpected, delightful ways. And let’s not forget to tip our hats to the incredible artist, Alireza Mokarram, whose animations breathed life into these postcards, making them more than just messages – they became experiences.


Closing Note: Where We’re Headed

So, in the end, what did DHL’s augmented reality postcards teach us? That appreciation doesn’t have to be confined to the expected. It can be an adventure, a surprise, and a journey into the unknown. DHL’s commitment to its employees, growth, and unity shines brighter than ever. And remember, this is just the beginning – stay tuned for more innovative projects and experiences provided by Artivive!

“In my opinion we always have to search for ideas on how to motivate our employees to do their jobs better and better and also how to try new things. In our case at DHL Express we have to reach employees working behind their PCs but also working in the warehouses. We have people from a lot of different countries and therefore playing with illustrations and videos is something, everybody is able to experience.” 

Amira Badi, DHL Express Austria


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