Step Into

Augmented Reality!

This is your chance to bring to life your sneakers! Artivive and WARRIOR SHOES are hunting around for artists like you to create a shoe design concept boosted with augmented reality.

Open the doors to your creativity and express what defines the Warrior Shoes. The goal of this global open call is to include new layers of emotion in a concept that reflect:

  • the use of environment-friendly materials for the shoe design.
  • the incorporation of elements from different cultural backgrounds and visual systems that show great unity and harmony.
  • a pioneering and forging ahead vision as an expression of Warrior Shoes’ sorts and fashion-related genes.

Besides the prize, you will have the opportunity to become a contract designer of the brand and get a specific portion of the commission from each sale of the shoes you designed.

Are you ready to step into this challenge? Then, get into your stride!



  • Choose one of the two shoe models attached below to create your AR design on one of the views (top, side, or back). If you want to animate all of the three views, feel free to do so.
  • Try to avoid repeating patterns, as the app cannot recognize them.
  • Use the form provided below to submit your proposal. Attach your design without applying to the shoes, plus your design applied on the model you chose using the provided templates.
  • Include a description (around 100 words) explaining the concept behind your design, specific color (PANTONE code), material choice, etcetera.
  • You can send your concept in an AI, PSD, or JPEG format. Images need to be in a high resolution (e.g., 300 pixels per inch).
  • Do not forget to sign in the participation agreement.

Note: if you have more innovative ideas, feel free to share them. Just be sure to describe your thoughts clearly along with the design.


  • Submissions open: September 01-October 20, 2021
  • Winner selection: End of October 2021 (tba) 
  • Prize completion: End of October 2021 (tba) 

An international panel of recognized juries will select the 50 winners. The chosen participants will be entitled to get one of the following awards:

  • 1x 1st prize: 2000 €
  • 3x 2nd prize: 800 €
  • 8x 3rd prize: 500 €
  • 38 x participation award: 200 €


Founded in 1927, Warrior Shoes has a long history and is always popular. Warrior represents the quality of the products made in China, and also carries the youth memories of the generations in China.


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