The LOVE month at Westfield

Valentine’s day nowadays is made of traditions and reflects a very specific target group: traditional western couples having conventional dinner & attentions.

At Westfield, we believe love should be universal. By breaking traditions, Westfield celebrates and magnifies LOVE in all its forms: Be it self-love, be it friendships, be it family, or any other way we feel love can be manifested.

Shopping City Süd, Donau Zentrum, and ARTIVIVE have launched an open call for artists, designers, and the general public to submit creative representations on the subject of LOVE. Point out that love has no labels, and embrace diversity and inclusion.

Both centers will promote an exhibition for 1.5 months, where the creations of 5 to 8 artists will be presented online and in the shopping centers.

The open call is part of the project “#WestfieldForLove” 


  • Artworks to be submitted: up to 3 artworks per artist
  • Submissions open date: 09.12.2022
  • Submissions deadline: 11.01.2023
  • Announcement of the winners: 13.01.2023
  • Exhibition starting date: the LOVE campaign will be exposed in both centers from mid-February to end-March 2023 (expected)
  • Prizes: Exposure on all Social Media Channels and Press Release + an additional 150€ reward
  • Notice: In each center, different artworks will be displayed




  •  Shopping City Süd and Donau Zentrum are the biggest in Austria. The Center Management of both Assets will decide which projects fit best with their own shopping center.
  • The LOVE topic will be communicated in physical events in both centers and via a Press Release – focusing on the overall Westfield Love Campaign 2023. 
  • The digital channels (Westfield Website and Apps) of both centers will offer additional exposure for the winners and their artwork: over 250,000/300,000 Westfield Club members/newsletter subscribers will be reached. (Also possible to generate additional traffic via hyperlinks for artist’s website).
  • Winning artists will be granted 150€ prize money.



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