It is tremendously exciting to see the reaction of those when they experience their first AR artwork. I see the utter delight and astonishment in their faces, just like me

A vibrant cosmos full of science fiction and robotic elements, combined with the traditional Japanese stylistic beauty, comes to life in each creation of Tadaomi Shibuya.

This Japanese artist, who spreads the future of art by being an Ambassador of Artivive, is the creative mind behind a personal seal distinguished by linear and geometric reconstructed motifs.

But not everything is about aesthetics. Shibuya’s ultimate wish is that many people as possible experience augmented reality to have the opportunity to immerse themselves in this fantastic technology.

“I believe more people are looking for new and fun experiences now than ever,” he claims positively.

How did your journey into the art world begin?

Having studied product design at university, the classes involved coming up with new ideas and turning them into working products.

However, I was more interested in allowing myself to dive into a more free-thinking exploration of concepts that may lead to the formation of ideas that are yet to exist in this world.

Subsequently, I decided to become an artist.

How would you describe your expression style?

My style is to ‘reconstruct’ motifs in a linear and geometric manner.

I have been greatly influenced by science fiction, robot animation, hip-hop, breakbeats, and the traditional Japanese stylistic beauty.

I endeavor to express the beauty and sensitivity within the artificial materials that have been created by humanity at all times when creating my artwork.

With a background in product design, how do you think immersive technologies can help designers take their work to a multi-sensory level?

As immersive technologies become more common, I believe that we will see an increase in the emergence of new products that are more convenient and safe in the marketplace.

I believe that the basis of product design is compassion, kindness, and spiritual enrichment towards people.

I very much hope that any and all of the latest technologies will be applied based on this notion.

Cities like Tokyo are well known for their technological innovation and visual uniqueness. How has AR technology influenced your work?

I see scenes in films and animations that depict sprawling neon metropolises, which gives a sense of Tokyo.

The project with the Spanish fashion label Desigual was executed with the motif in mind that AR would make the world of my favorite movies such as “Ghost in the Shell” and “Blade Runner” into a reality.

Thanks to Artivive, I feel as if my childhood dreams have come fruition.

What is the most exciting part of bringing your art to life with Artivive?

When I created my very first AR work, I was truly astonished and full of excitement seeing my artwork jump out of the canvas and started to move. It was as though my artwork was given a life of its own!

It is tremendously exciting to see the reaction of those when they experience their very first AR work. I see the utter delight and astonishment in their faces, just like me.

Such positive reception gives me a deep-felt appetite to continue to create more AR works in order to allow more people to enjoy and experience the enlightenment of AR technology through my artworks.

You have collaborated with Nike and Givenchy. Why do you think big brands are getting more interested in immersive technologies?

I believe more people are looking for new and fun experiences now than ever before. At the same time, I feel that we live in an age where there is a significant need for individuals to value their own time and space or with like-minded people.

It seems that companies are becoming more robust in providing services and/or goods in response to meeting such needs.

You recently created the NFTs wall project “A Touch of Art”. How have NFTs revolutionized your digital art practice?

I think NFTs have an important role to play in terms of adding significant value to digital art and breaking down the barriers between physical and digital art.

Simultaneously, I think the NFT is a revolution in being able to prove that it is unique and gives permanent value to something that is difficult to recognize its value.

As an Artivive ambassador, what do you want to tell the world about AR?

My ultimate wish is – for as many people to experience the technology. Despite the knowledge of the existence of AR, only a hand full of the general public has had the opportunity to encounter and the chance to immerse themselves in such a technology.

AR can also be used as a tool to express yourself, like a brush or pen.

It would be wonderful to see more artists be able to find and express their own unique ideas and concepts with the use of AR.

Tell us about any upcoming projects that you are looking forward to?

In 2021, I was asked to create the main visuals, logo, and AR artworks for an exhibition that was held in honor of a Japanese rock singer, Hide, who unfortunately passed in 1988 at the very young age of 33 years, but reminds hold the immensely legendary figure within millions of fans around the world.

Following the exhibition in Tokyo which was incredibly well-received, both by the public and the media, all the artworks are now being exhibited at one of the largest and most established museums in Nagoya, Japan with a view to continuing the tour of the exhibition throughout Japan.

In 2023, I have a number of exciting projects in the pipeline which I am delighted and excited to work on. At the same, I am very much looking forward to working on and showcasing my never-before-seen artworks for my 2023 solo exhibition.

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