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Default profile imageBenjamin Mitchley - augmentation

I will create a 2D animation of your artwork.

For an augmented reality 2D animation of your artwork, you will need to provide me with the following: A written detailed brief of the moving parts. Be specific e.g. Eyes blink, hair blows in wing, etc.  The sound effects or music required.  Length of the animation in second.  A high-resolution image of the artwork.  Due date.  If you are providing the sound file/s (MP3) consider the sound length to match the animation.  Once the animation is complete and you are satisfied with the result, the project will be transferred to your Bridge account. 

  • Augmentation of an existing artwork
Default profile imageLife On Marzj - augmentation

I will bring your logo, Illustration or art to life with my animations and/or compositions!

I love to collaborations! I like to discuss ideas to make something unique and that audiences love to share. I think that Augmented Reality is magical and want to give people a true experience! So far I’ve done a couple of collaborations for artists, children’s books, a live show with a choir and a logo for a music festival. I work internationally and besides making AR experiences for existing work I can also make a full experience from start to finish. I love storytelling and adding audio to animations gives something extra. I work good on deadlines and find good communication very important. I make animations with several techniques and I am able to combine them (2d, 3d, stop motion). I always look at the possibilities and find solutions and I look at what would fit best for the clients audience.

  • Augmentation of an existing artwork
Default profile imageRomi Myers - original artwork

I create one of a kind art pieces that are as unique as the collector.

With every commissioned piece, I create a bespoke augmented reality experience unique to your art piece. I donate 10% towards planting trees, for reforestation efforts in the African Region. Lead time for most commissioned pieces may range 4-6 weeks to complete from start to finish. At times, it may take a little longer, depending on complexity of concept.

  • Original Artwork, enhanced with Augmented Reality
  • In printable quality

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