Artivive Ambassadors Program


Our Ambassador community is a space to spread the word about Artivive and make a difference in how art is created and consumed.

Our group of reps is made up of amazing people with a strong voice, presence, and influence in our creative community who help us build the future of analog and digital art.

Do you love to socialize with different persons, continually take on new challenges, and create catchy content on your social media? Then, this is for you!


A community for all

You will cherish our community the same as we do. Artivive ambassadors promote our mission of being the leading augmented reality tool for artists and creatives and have the opportunity to connect firsthand with other talented minds.

Inspire a whole network

Artivive reps are open-minded and skilled creators looking to generate a positive impact in our community. They can engage with our projects in an uplifting atmosphere where everybody can learn and enjoy augmented reality.

A unique collab

You are probably wondering how do we recognize your engagement with Artivive. Well, you would be featured here and across our social media channels, get a business tier for free, Marketplace account, among many other great things.


Meet our ambassadors

Juliana Plexxo

@julianaplexxo is a Latina multimedia and NFT artist who creates unique engravings and murals animated with Artivive.

James Kerr

@scorpiondagger is a Canadian digital artist who uses art history’s paintings to comment on our modern age and pop culture.


@karezmad is a Japanese artist who actively produces his arts with a background in skateboarding, graffiti, and street culture.

Francesca Fini

@Francesca_Fini is an Italian artist working with experimental cinema, digital animation, new media, installation, and performance art. She incorporates a lot of traditional and digital media, lo-fi technology, and 3D animation.

Ahmet Rüstem Ekici

@ahmetrustem is a visual storyteller keen on the world of NFTs and whose work goes around architectural spaces.

Andre Vieira

@andrevieiraart is a comic book artist and illustrator who creates AR art through sketching, and digital animation.

Aditya Chawla

@boltminor is a 2D artist and illustrator whose ‘pop-surrealistic’ artworks have been shown worldwide.

Sergio Gomez

@sergiogomezart is a Chicago-based visual artist, curator, and business coach focused on online art marketing.


@TOKYOLUV is a photographer who adds HyperReality effects to his images to achieve a cyberpunk aesthetic.

Jérôme Royer Artist

@jeroy94 is a professional Artist based in Paris, who’s main passion lies in watercolour painting.

Helen Collen

@thework67 is a New Yorker whose work has evolved to motion and digital graphic design, short films, music video creation, and NFTs.

Eliska Podzimkova

@eliskap is an Animator and Illustrator from the Czech Republic. She has worked with clients like Jamie Oliver, Vogue Magazine, and more.

Rich Allela

@rich_allela is an award winning photographer, filmmaker & Co- Founder of Picha Images, a digital media company that uses Artificial intelligence to expedite content creation.

David Oku

@d.okuart is a half Nigerian half Italian illustrator. He draws his inspirations from all of his travels, and the mixed communities that continue to influence his outlook on the world through heritage.

Sarah Main

@Sarahmain_art is a multidisciplinary artist pursuing a life in DJing until in 2020 Sarah returned to her primary creative pursuit, and a new, bold style emerged. Her works are vibrant and colorful depictions of whimsical characters, inspired by her diverse life experiences. You can find her paintings currently displayed at the Standard Hotel in Ibiza.

Daniel Kramer

@thevisceralglitch is a digital video artist living in Brooklyn.  He has been creating glitch art on his phone since 2018.  What started as a daily design discipline for Instagram, has turned into a vehicle to sell art via NFS, galleries, and art fairs.  

Erin McGean / Lifewithart

@Lifewithart a Canadian artist trained in Painting and Drawing. Her current work uses vintage nudes and stop motion to create animated Gifs, adding movement to what was once still. She is also a frequent contributor to Elle Canada and was selected to exhibit at Fashion Art Toronto in 2019 and 2020. 


@yasmaanik is a passionate artist with a strong belief in blockchain and its economic freedom to creators.

Andre Wee

@andre_wee is a 2d and 3d hybrid artist and illustrator who jumps between the virtual and physical worlds in his works. Living in and being inspired by both NYC and Singapore, his works depict busy scenes of sprawling cityscapes and quiet moments in cafes and digital spaces both real and imagined.


@thesuperama, is a renowned visual artist from Venezuela based in Miami. She has received many prestigious awards, including an EMMY AWARD. She started her career in the animation and entertainment industry and later quit her job as an Art Director at Nickelodeon to pursue her passion for art and illustration.


@orispirella, is a Venezuelan Miami based Artist. Who combines visual surreal pop art  with interactive digital animations and live singing performances.

Sawyer Hurwitz 

@psychotronicsolutions an augmented reality collage artist living out of Los Angeles, California. His work has shown in galleries and festivals around the world. Psychotronic Solution’s collages are intricate meditations on topics related to identity, environmentalism, and social conditioning. To hear more and to see his work animated, visit




So what are you waiting for? If you want to be part of the art form of the 21st century, we would love to hear from you. #bringOurCommunityTogether



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