Artivive x United Nations

Peace Posters for UN75

The United Nations is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. To mark this special occasion, the UN Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs (DPPA) and Artivive are launching a call for artists to create posters about peacemaking and peacebuilding, which also utilize augmented reality technology.

  1. Rosemary A. DiCarlo, United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Political and Peacebuilding Affairs (UN DPPA)
  2. Jayathma Wickramanayake, United Nations Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth
  3. Fabrizio Hochschild, Fabrizio Hochschild Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on the Commemoration of the United Nations 75th Anniversary (UN75)
  4. Seong Eun Kim, CEO of Nam June Paik Art Center (South Korea)
  5. Bao Yifeng, Co-founder of ART021 (China)
  6. Doreen Sibanda, Executive Director of the National Gallery (Zimbabwe)
  7. Kendell Geers, concept artist (South Africa)


Fin Belcher: Developer, animator and 3D designer
Chris Wharton: Illustrator, art director
Kate Pasterfield: Creative producer

Country: UK

Description by the artist:

We have considered the theme ‘futuring peace’, the transition from conflict and suffering to stability and security » read more…

To us, the United Nations draws the line at war and represents moving forward to a place of peace.

This typographic poster shows the invisible line the UN negotiates between these two states. The Artivive AR poster encourages participation, the viewer must navigate between two potential futures.


Da-Eun Jeong

Country: South Korea

Description by the artist:

Nature is peaceful, but man confines himself and places restrictions on peace.


Colin Foo

Country: UK

Description by the artist:

The poster shows two sides, who were once face to face in war. But who now stand together, in peace. » read more…

The 2 faces coming together creates an hourglass signifying time.

Peace has transformed the previously grave area (weapons of war) in between the two sides, into one full of hope, opportunity and growth (the tree of life). All these achieved with the help of UN mediation or through actions of third parties with the UN support.


Jae Heum Kim

Country: South Korea

Description by the artist:

Peace will always be with you. And it provides a sense of space to feel it metaphorically.


Aztec Animation

Country: Ukraine

Description by the artist:

The designers of our studio took the ancient symbol of the dove as a basis and rethought it. » read more…

In our imagination, this bird became not just a peacemaker, but also a builder of a new world. A world without violence, war, and aggression.


Benjamin Mitchley

Country: South Africa

Description by the artist:

This artwork represents humans of different race ethnicity and creed working together towards peace.


Kaori Hamura Long

Country: Japan

Description by the artist:

We can all unite and change the world for the better together.


Daniel Sasson

Country: Israel

Description by the artist:

Living in the country dealing with the “Israeli/Palestinian” conflict, the people on both sides are faced with the opportunity to unite for one purpose, ” Peace. ” » read more…

It is no coincidence that the etymology of the word Peace in both Arabic and Hebrew are so similar. I believe that this is a clear symbolism for a brighter, serene connection between our two beautiful nations, a sign of hope and coexistence. One in which beyond the differences that we may have, we can strive to learn about one another and connect with each other, ultimately finding out that we may share more than we realize at first glance. I would like to share that the making of this piece for me was a personal journey of my own. After noticing by chance the striking similarities between the word “Peace” in Arabic & Hebrew one day, I set out on a goal to find a way to combine the words into one. But as someone who doesn’t read or speak Arabic, it required me to immerse myself into researching and studying the Arabic letters, as well as reaching out to my Palestinian friends and colleagues, to make sure that the design would be accurate. Through this process of connecting and learning, I had been given a chance to expand my own sensitivity towards the Palestinian nation and the things that we share in common, thus starting my own personal bridge to a life of peace and coexistence.


Olga Szulc

Boleslav Ryzinski: designer

Country: Poland, USA

Description by the artist:

It is always the hope that conflict can be followed by PEACE. That can only happen when the conflicting sides begin a DIALOGUE. » read more…

COMPROMISE can only be achieved if both sides make concessions.

When a settlement is agreed upon then SECURITY, WELL-BEING and HAPPINESS can follow. The five essentials for Peace can be counted on one hand.


Claire Luxton

Country: UK

Description by the artist:

Under the theme of “Futuring Peace”, I want to explore the duality between the future conservation and growth of peace » read more…

and the increasing need to nurture and protect out planet ecosystems. We often tiptoe on a fine line between creation and destruction, life and death. I think it’s more important than ever to simultaneous work on peace-building and greener environmental structures to support and sustain generations to come.

Invisible pollution has become entwined with us and nature and pollution grow each year with increased demand and technology use. Our environment is a delicate equilibrium and as we continue to ‘borrow’ from our environment what is left in its place. As a contemporary female artist, I work hard to challenge perceptions and build a conversation between forgotten parts of ourselves and the perpetual rhythm and anxiety that is often found within today’s society. I want ‘Oxygenate Peace’ to explore a united sustainable future: OXYGENATE PEACE Oxygenate the earth with hope and peace. You no longer stand-alone, cherish life together in the meadow we created.


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