Isaac Rayment
Multidisciplinary immersive media creator and innovator

AR Art Summit 2023

Isaac Rayment

Isaac is a multidisciplinary immersive media creator and innovator,
effortlessly navigating between mediums, creating with Projection Mapping, Holographic Projection, 360 Immersive Video, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Special Effects and Interactive Media.

He hails from a diverse background of creative and technical pursuits, always maintaining an exploratory position at the forefront of new mediums of expression and communication. Beginning his career in film he set up Hybrid Productions, which produced several award-winning music videos and has directed hundreds of live concert videos to date.

He quickly became fascinated with the world of special effects and
transitioned these skills to creating innovative projection mapping projects, his first set being for TED Talks in Toronto. Instantly fascinated with the medium, he became obsessed and has created several art installations and worked with such celebrated institutions and brands as Cirque de Soleil, Nike, Budweiser and Ubisoft.

Recently he expanded globally, and Immersive Innovations has now become Global Immersive Innovations with a new studio in London UK where he worked with Hearst and created Virtual and Augmented Reality as well as immersive experience extensions for ELLE and Cosmo Magazine and is working on some exciting new partnerships and projects with amazing new global reach.

Currently Isaac is working on completing an innovative new Augmented Reality Music Video, adding in Augmented Reality into a Large format immersive projection experience, launching a new innovative AR Enhanced Art Series with a breakout Canadian Artist, Directing + Visual Design for the Canadian Video Game Awards, working on an Immersive Music Video to be played in Planetariums, Developing a new Immersive VR Magazine Experience Platform and developing concepts for a variety large format Immersive Experience Projection Showcases.

“I’m always busy exploring, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!”




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