Kayla Silber
Visual artists

AR Art Summit 2023

Kayla Silber

Kayla’s passion for the arts began at the ripe old age of 2, when she began occupying herself for hours creating complex architectural structures out of color-coordinated building blocks. Competing passions for acting, singing and dancing manifested themselves slightly later in life at the age of 4 through her brilliant living room portrayals of Jennifer Beals in Flashdance, with whom she was obsessed. Ultimately, visual art won the battle and she attended Baltimore School for the Arts where she studied drawing, painting, photography, and sculpture.

After graduating from the University of MD, she moved to NY and worked her way through the ranks of the advertising world, eventually becoming a creative director for a major fashion tradeshow company. In her free time, she began creating a mystical body of artwork, and taught herself how to animate when she saw augmented reality for the first time in 2018. Her side hustle began to take off, and after 2020 pulled the rug out from under her (and all of us), she transitioned into becoming a full-time artist. Life has come full circle, and she now creates augmented reality art that draws on all her passions. It requires choreography, photography, painting, design, music and a dash of technology in order to come alive. She feels like a kid again (except every injury she gets now takes a year to heal).


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