Maxximillian, Performing & Visual Artist
Founder of Museum of Robot Art, Futurist Motor Club, SuperKind Studios

AR Art Summit 2023


Maxximillian is a multifaceted artist known for her whimsical often provocative works, which explore themes of anthropomorphism, avant-garde futurism, the surreal, and the metaphysical through the mediums of art, fashion, musical experiences and serialized stories.

Whether expressly told or implied, storytelling is an integral part of Maxximillian’s art. The stories she tells are influenced by a wide range of inspirations, including conscious dreams, flashes of epiphanic visions, lost arguments, misadventures, hurt feelings, alternate histories, poetry, previous personal works, and first-hand woo woo experiences.

Maxximillian’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, including some of the world’s most innovative exhibitions. In 2022, she exhibited her work at Art Basel, in Times Square during NFTNYC, and at Cathay View Art Zone in Beijing China in one of the most celebrated art shows there, Stratosphere curated by Sabet. This November, Maxximillian’s art will go on a world tour with Futurist Motor Club, an augmented reality art exhibition that will bring Maxximillian’s vehicles of our probable future to some of our most leading-edge cities on the planet in a geo-fenced art exhibit with collectible editions.



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