Prithvi Rabade
Animator & Founder, Kefi Culture

AR Art Summit 2023

Prithvi Rabade

Prithvi Rabade is an Animator and Illustrator whose creative endeavours are woven into the world of Fashion and Marketing, transcending conventional boundaries with the integration of Augmented Reality. His enterprise, Kefi Culture, is poised for its forthcoming launch in early 2024, promising a captivating array of apparel imbued with the transformative power of Augmented Reality.

During his academic pursuit in Singapore, Prithvi embarked on an exploration, delving into the nuanced domains of sustainable fashion and the cutting-edge realm of Augmented Reality. It was here that he discerned the potential for a harmonious fusion of technology, fashion, and sustainability.

With a profound commitment to environmental stewardship, Prithvi’s upcoming venture aspires to set a paradigm for eco-consciousness and sustainability, ardently striving to achieve a commendable 100% eco-friendly and sustainable footprint within the fashion industry.



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