Sam Hunter Magee

Director on Creativity and Entrepreneurship for Harvard’s Lemann Program

AR Art Summit 2023

Sam Hunter Magee

Sam develops new entrepreneurial pathways for young people at Harvard University and beyond. He directs the Lemann Program on Creativity and Entrepreneurship at Harvard College, which includes both a curricular side and a co-curricular special project, Harvard HealthLab Accelerators (H2A), which is focused on accelerating public and planetary health by providing students with seed funding, 1-1 mentoring, a guest speaker series, and networking opportunities.


Each year, H2A selects an elite cohort of student teams from across Harvard University, drawing students from the liberal arts and sciences and from graduate disciplines that include architecture, business, design, divinity, education, engineering, government, law, medicine, and public health. Sam and the H2A team are also developing cohorts in Africa, Brazil, and Canada to grow an increasingly global community of talented, tightly networked young social impact entrepreneurs.


Previously, Sam was Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Harvard University’s Operation Impact. For the 12 years prior, Sam developed innovative programs for students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Sam is involved in several Boston area startups in the space of innovation, community engagement, and immersive storytelling and surprisingly also holds a patent for a hardware/software device that detects freefall and deploys an airbrake for drones.



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