Visual and Crypto Artist

AR Art Summit 2023


SUPERAMA, is a renowned visual artist from Venezuela based in Miami. She has received many prestigious awards, including an EMMY AWARD. SUPERAMA started her career in the animation and entertainment industry and later quit her job as an Art Director at Nickelodeon to pursue her passion for art and illustration.
Since then, SUPERAMA has worked on various exciting projects worldwide, including murals, animations, NFTs, books, installations, and clothing. She has collaborated with many impressive clients, including United Airlines, Armani Exchange, HUGO BOSS, NFL, Viacom, Paramount, Verizon and many more.

She is an ambassador of a community of women in WEB3 in Miami called Web3 Equity. She has been selected as one of 222 artists exhibiting her NFT in the first digital museum going to the moon called the LUNAPRISE MUSEUM.

Instagram: @thesuperama


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