“We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color.”

                                                       by Maya Angelou

Celebrating Love in all its Forms: A Recap of the Successful Westfield AR Open Call and Exhibition

Earlier this year, Shopping City Süd, Donau Zentrum, and ARTIVIVE collaborated to launch an open call for artists, designers, and the general public to submit creative representations on the subject of LOVE.

SCS/AR Selfie Wall

The recent Westfield open call and exhibition, held in celebration of Valentine’s Day, showcased a diverse range of artistic representations of LOVE. The event was a huge success, featuring talented artists from around the world, and was a testament to the power of art in promoting diversity and inclusivity.

The LOVE month at Westfield saw a celebration of love in all its forms. With the aim of embracing diversity and inclusion, Westfield collaborated with ARTIVIVE to launch an open call for artists and designers to submit creative  AR representations of love.


Westfield’s #WestfieldForLove Open Call Attracts Talented Artists

The Westfield open call attracted a diverse group of artists, designers, and members of the general public. The call asked for creative representations of love that highlighted its many forms and emphasized inclusivity and diversity. From hundreds of submissions, 14 artists were chosen to be showcased in both the Shopping City Süd and Donau Zentrum shopping centers.

The selected artists showcased their unique perspectives on love, from Rémy Baudry’s imaginative art  to Shill Water’s captivatind stills.

The other incredible artists included were:

  • Theodru,
  • Kim Jones,
  • Ilaria Trapani,
  • Andrés Acosta Blaschitz,
  • Dongwoo Byun,
  • Benjamin Mitchley,
  • Hans Ckoe,
  • Tina Alberni,
  • Eric Takukam,
  • Alessandra Cimatoribus,
  • Christopher Jeauhn Bayne,
  • Ajani Tucker

Dongwoo Byun, Gemeinsame Zeit

Diverse Representations of Love Shown at the Westfield Exhibition

The exhibition featured a wide range of artistic styles and mediums, from paintings and photography to video and augmented reality installations. Each piece told a unique story of love, from self-love to romantic love, friendship, and familial love. Visitors were able to explore the exhibition in-person  through the  AR app, thanks to Artivive’s augmented reality technology.


Artivive Encourages Brands to Host Open Calls to Promote Art and Diversity

Artivive, encourages brands to host open calls for artists to promote art and diversity. By offering a platform for artists to showcase their work, brands can help to promote diversity, and provide a platform for underrepresented artists to showcase their talents.

Donau Zentrum/ AR Selfie Wall

In conclusion, the Westfield open call and exhibition was a success, celebrating love in all its forms and promoting diversity and inclusivity through the power of art. The event showcased a diverse range of talented artists, and with the help of Artivive technology, brought the exhibition to life.

We encourage brands to follow in Westfield’s footsteps and host open calls for artists to promote diversity and inclusivity through the power of AR art.


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