Artivive’s Ambassadors Program

We’re so excited to launch our ambassador’s community, a space to spread the word about Artivive and make a difference in how art is created and consumed.

Our group of reps is made up of amazing people with a strong voice, presence, and influence in our creative community who help us build the future of analog and digital art.

Do you love to socialize with different persons, continually take on new challenges, and create catchy content on your social media? Then, this is for you!


You will cherish our community the same we do. Artivive ambassadors promote our mission of being the leading augmented reality tool for artists and creatives and have the opportunity to connect firsthand with other talented minds.


Artivive reps are open-minded and skilled creators looking to create a positive impact in our community. They can engage with our projects in an uplifting atmosphere where everybody can learn and enjoy augmented reality.


You are probably wondering how do we recognize your engagement with Artivive. Well, you would be featured here and across our social media channels, get a business tier for free, and receive hype swags from us, among other things.


@julianaplexxo is a Latina multimedia and NFT artist who creates unique engravings and murals animated with Artivive.

@scorpiondagger is a Canadian digital artist who uses art history’s paintings to comment on our modern age and pop culture.

@karezmad is a Japanese artist who actively produces his arts with a background in skateboarding, graffiti, and street culture.

@handiedan is a Dutch artist whose work involves a mixture of digital and highly detailed collages, incorporating augmented reality and ornamental frames. is an Amazonian multi-platform artist who focuses on portraying life in analog and digital ways through AR.

@leonnikoo is a motion graphic designer and illustrator. He focuses on artistic textures and movement to creatively communicate stories and messages.

@tadaomishibuya is best known for his personal style of reconstructing images using straight lines and faces inspired by a broad range of motifs.

What are you waiting for? If you want to be part of the art form of the 21st century, we would love to hear from you. #bringOurCommunityyTogether


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