Anemone and Geometrics

Leia Tatucu, 2023

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"Anemone and Geometrics" is a mesmerizing collage artwork that harmoniously merges the realms of digital and physical. This captivating art print features three enchanting Anemone flowers, delicately rendered in gentle pastel shades and embellished with graceful strokes of golden marker paint, exuding an air of sophistication. The flowers are gracefully juxtaposed against a meticulously crafted geometric pattern of bold black and luminous golden squares, creating a striking contrast. This precise and structured backdrop beautifully complements the delicate floral elements, symbolizing the eternal quest for balance and harmony. As a symbol of anticipation, the Anemone flowers stand as a poignant reminder that in life, beauty often blooms amidst challenges. This piece serves as a celebration of the resilience and grace inherent in nature and life itself.


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