Peony Glitch

Leia Tatucu, 2023

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"Peony Glitch" is a captivating resin mixed media collage artwork that melds the digital with the tangible. At the centerpiece of this eye-catching art print is a digitally enhanced Peony flower, its natural light rose hue mingling with intriguing copper accents and soft shades of pale yellow and orange. This vibrant bloom rests against a dirty pink acrylic paint background, its edges enveloped in a dramatic black vignette effect. The Peony, often symbolizing prosperity and honor, is intriguingly showcased in a state of electronic glitching, juxtaposing the beauty and fragility of life against the relentless, unpredictable nature of technology. This captivating interplay mirrors the unpredictability of life itself, where a single error or misstep can trigger a cascade of effects, altering the path dramatically. Yet like the resilient Peony, there is beauty and grace in weathering these storms, standing strong amidst the chaos.


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