Christopher Jeauhn Bayne, 2020

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Equality features a human skull as its central image. The skull is the focal point of the artwork and is surrounded by smaller, transparent glass skulls that are layered in the background. Also visible in this background, are small renderings of Delft porcelain tiles, which are remnants of other artworks on which the artist was working at the time, (but have never been displayed or released). The message of Equality is open to interpretation: equality of love, of gender, of nationality, and of human rights; but the use of a skull as the central image can be seen as a commentary on mortality and the universality of death. The transparent glass skulls in the background may represent the idea that we are all made of the same material, and that our differences are superficial. Overall, Equality is a thought-provoking piece that encourages viewers to contemplate the themes of life, death, and equality, while also incorporating cutting-edge technology to create a unique viewing experience.


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