Christopher Jeauhn Bayne, 2023

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The artwork portrays a stunning scene of a hummingbird in mid-flight, surrounded by an array of vibrant flowers. The hummingbird’s wings are stretched wide as it hovers mid-air, its body positioned at an angle that perfectly captures the grace and agility of this tiny bird. The background is filled with an explosion of colour, with flowers of varying hues forming a dense and textured tapestry that provides a striking contrast against the hummingbird’s green feathers. The flowers appear to be in full bloom, with petals that seem almost translucent in their vividness, as if each one is radiating with its own unique energy. As the viewer approaches the artwork, the experience becomes even more immersive as augmented reality technology is incorporated. A real-life hummingbird appears to fly into the scene and begins to investigate the flowers, just as it would in nature. The hummingbird’s movements are seamless and lifelike, providing a sense of wonder and enchantment that is both breathtaking and unforgettable. As the hummingbird hovers over each flower, dew droplets glisten on the stamens, adding yet another layer of texture and depth to the artwork. The effect is mesmerizing, creating a sense of being transported to another world where nature’s beauty is both vibrant and awe-inspiring. Overall, the artwork is a breathtaking piece that seamlessly blends the worlds of art and technology. It captures the essence of the natural world in a way that is both realistic and fantastical, leaving the viewer with a sense of wonder and appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.


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