Flower Nymphs

Danica Stojanovic, 2020

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The Help of a friend is the second of the three illustrations of the Flower Nymphs story. As Mr. Huang was returning to the place of his loved one, the flower nymph was dug out, he espied the young lady of the red clothes also wiping away her tears alongside the hole and he joined with her in her lamentations. He found out that the lady in red was Hsiang-yu’s sister, and they became good friends. One evening, Huang read the verses to Chiang-hsueh:

“On my cottage roof the evening rain-drops beat;
I draw the blind and near the window take my seat.
To my longing gaze no loved one appears;
Drip, drip, drip, drip: fast flow my tears.”

The beautiful Taoist story of the Flower Nymphs is about two sisters doomed to spend eternity as floral nymphs on Mount Lau and Mr. Huang, between whom develops great love and friendship.

Several key moments, disappearances, and appearances take place during this story. These motives were clearly inspiring for me to work in augmented reality technology. I wanted to use AR to show something more than just the illustrations and to evoke the atmosphere they carry.


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