Christopher Jeauhn Bayne, 2018

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Initially perceived as a flower, “Brookes” is a horrific image upon deeper inspection: a direct extract of a diagram (or what we would today refer to as an “infographic”), which was published in 1808 in London, of the most economical placement of slaves on the slave ship, “Brookes”. The abhorrent notion and the accompanying image has been reformed into something respectfully beautiful, as a sign of hope. The original is printed on vintage wooden slats (reminiscent of the deck of a ship), each work becomes unique, in the same way that each “economical placement” was a unique individual. Deeply personal, “Brookes” is a commentary on slavery, human trafficking and colonialism, as well as the continuing lack of recognition of wrongdoing by colonial powers. The original artwork is 50 x 50 cm, Solvent Inkjet print on vintage wood, slats, as a limited edition of 3 and 1 artist\'s proof.

  • 8"×10"

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