Buying additional projects

Having created your first artwork, you now have used up one project.

A project, also called an artwork, is a space for an artist’s augmented reality creation.

A regular artist account comes with 3 free projects/artworks, while a student account linked to a university-provided email address comes with 5 free projects/artworks.

If you need more (let’s say, you are having your first big solo show or using AR to enhance a comic book), you can purchase projects directly through your Bridge account by clicking the “buy more” button.

You will then see two payment options: one-time payment and monthly subscription.

The one-time payment option keeps the augmented reality layer active forever, for all artworks purchased. One-time payment can cost as little as € 149.90 for 5 artworks.

A monthly subscription gives you the number of artworks you need, for as long as you need them. You select the number of artworks and pay correspondingly. As long as you continue paying monthly, the augmented reality will be enabled for those artworks. The monthly subscription starts at € 9.90 for 10 artworks.

You can change your monthly subscription anytime and it will be reflected in your next billing cycle. To change your subscription, click on the profile button (the one to the left of the log out button), and you will be redirected to your profile.

Here you will find a box that indicates all purchased artworks, as well as the ratio of used and total projects.

This box has a bar with a movable black dot. (Please note that you will not see this box if you are not subscribed to any project.)

You can move the black dot to the right or to the left, depending on whether you want to upgrade or downgrade your subscription.