The Transfiguration

Christopher Jeauhn Bayne, 2021

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The Transfiguration is a unique artwork that reimagines the Renaissance masterpiece by Raphael, originally produced between 1516-1520. In this re-envisioned work, the artist has replaced the ascension of Jesus with the portrait of a young man who is directly facing the viewer. This young man, who stands in for Jesus in the original work, gazes at the viewer in a calm and almost confrontational way, inviting the viewer to confront their own sins and shortcomings. The artwork is a complex interplay of light and shadow, overlaid with intricate textile patterns inspired by the work of William Morris. These patterns, featuring golden florals and overlaid with ink brush strokes, create a sense of balance and belief, emphasizing the spiritual themes of the original piece. Despite the use of textile patterns, the artwork still manages to retain the traditional elements of Raphael’s original, with a strong emphasis on the use of color and composition to create a sense of drama and movement. The overall effect is a piece that is both beautiful and thought-provoking, challenging viewers to reflect on their own beliefs and values.


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