Christopher Jeauhn Bayne, 2022

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‘Thorns’ is a re-envisaged work, originally created by Caravaggio, in 1601, titled ‘The Crowning with Thorns’. Here, a small amendment to the original; almost graffiti-esque in its handling, changes the meaning of the 400-year old artwork, catapulting it into modern times. The overlay of augmented reality, which Caravaggio certainly couldn’t have envisaged at the time, enhances the story of this troubled work and adds to the political and social storm for which the work is such an outspoken commentary. The rainbow crown of thorns, although strongly representative of the LGBTQIA+ community, as shown in augmented reality, has purposefully not been depicted as such in the artwork. Instead, the colours fuse and blend with the illumination of a real rainbow, representing the hope and light of all people who think, believe and behave, differently to the mainstream. The original Caravaggio is on display in the Kunst Historisches Musuem in Vienna. The amendment to the artwork by Christopher Jeauhn Bayne, is technically so small, that also the original artwork in the Museum will activate the augmented reality of ‘Thorns’. Go there and try it out!


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