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How to optimize image recognition

How it works: Bridge analyzes the image you have uploaded to find its unique pattern – like a fingerprint. The 0 – 5 star rating is to give you guidance for the best possible result in scanning the artwork with the Artivive App.

*The star rating is not fault-proof. They are just an indication of the number of reconizable features that are present in the overall composition. But, if those features are symmetrical, or just circles, the tracking will be harder to work.

Check list for GOOD image recognition:

✅ High contrast
✅ Plenty of detail
✅ Sharp edges

What can cause a BAD image recognition:

❌ Solid single colors
❌ Very little to no details
❌ Blurry images
❌ Too symmetrical
❌ Too much text

PRO TIP: Always test your projects before printing!

Clear examples of GOOD and BAD recognition:

Further examples of what to look out for when it comes to BAD image recognition:

Try scanning these two artworks for an example of a low star recognition that has repetitive patterns resulting in an unreliable scanning experience:

Example of  BAD image recognition from having too much text:

 More examples of bad image recognition (0 stars):

Watch this tutorial for further reference on how to optimize image recognition.

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