Knowledge Base

Reaching the Views Limit

As the views will become the new currency we will have to give the paying users full control over costs.
Measures for keeping the control over the costs and the artwork active:


The add-on is a one-time payment that gives you additional views for the month.

  • 2.000 views – € 19,90
  • 5.000 views – € 49,90
  • 10.000 views – € 99,90

Overage (cost control)

For cost control, the user will have to set an additional cost limit for the account/month. This will be the amount until the account can be charged for over-usage (more views than in the upgrade). The amount can also be 0.


All our plans/subscriptions are monthly priced and can be changed or canceled at any time. To encourage long-term commitment and help us better plan we offer a discount of 17% for yearly plans.